(g) that a lease may be transferred or that a rental unit may be sublet if the lessor`s consent has been unreasonably withheld in violation of paragraph 34, paragraph 2. “Resident” means a person who has no rent and occupies a rental unit. (i) notices, decisions, decisions or agreements made pursuant to Part 5.1 or their summaries; 2 (1) Despite another order, but subject to Section 4 [to which this Act does not apply], this Law applies to leases, rental units and other real estate. Effective December 11, 2017, an “exit clause” requiring the tenant to relocate at the time of the contract extract can only be used in a fixed-term tenancy agreement if: (i) the tenant of a rental unit transfers the tenant`s rights under the tenancy agreement to a subtenant for less than the duration of the tenancy agreement and the “long-term care” transfers personal care to a subtenant. or medical in a long-term institution to a person who is unlikely to live independently again under a rental agreement; All leases must include standard conditions, protect landlords and tenants, and ensure that leases are fair and balanced. These conditions also apply in the absence of a written lease. 58 (0.1) In this section, the “lessor” includes a buyer within the meaning of Section 49 who, in accordance with section 49, paragraph 5, point c), asks a lessor to terminate a rental unit. (k) the rental unit must be cleared to comply with an injunction from a federal authority, British Columbia, a regional or local authority; (a) that a tenant must pay rent to the manager who keeps the rent in trust or who, as ordered by the director, must pay for the costs of complying with that law, regulations or a tenancy agreement with respect to maintenance or repair, services or facilities; 48 (1) A lessor may terminate the lease of a person employed as a janitor, administrator or superintendent of the residential property to which the rental unit belongs, saving termination if (1.1) A lessor cannot change locks or other access routes to a rental unit, unless the director has given an order of possession to the lessor on the basis of the obligation to evacuate the rental unit in an existing rental unit. It`s a lease. If your contract is not with the landlord, you will not have protection under the Housing Lease Act.

It is common practice when an existing tenant allows a roommate to move in without the landlord`s permission to include that person in the tenancy agreement. (i) units rented under a tenancy agreement for more than 20 years; (d) respect for the rights and obligations of landlords and tenants that are not incompatible with this Law, and the possibility that these rights and obligations may be leases; (2) Subject to section 50 [tenant may terminate the lease prematurely] and if the lease is provided, a lessor may terminate the lease of a subsidized rental unit by announcing the end of the lease if the tenant or any other tenant is no longer, if applicable, eligible for the rental unit. (c) under a written lease, the lessor provides financial management or related services and registration is made to that effect and in accordance with these conditions; “Domestic violence” refers to violence that has affected the silent enjoyment, security, safety or physical well-being of a tenant or resident, or that has a negative effect on those who remain in a rental unit, including 13 (1) A landlord must prepare in writing any lease agreement entered into on or after January 1, 2004.


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