Advanced advance plans work very well for patients who need a little time to pay. That`s where the payment plans come in. And patients who request a payment plan can pay in advance. You can pay monthly or every two weeks. It doesn`t matter what works for her. I don`t offer discounts on advance plans. You can even fill out a credit card authorization form if you want to automatically charge your patient a credit card each month until the payment is fully received. This way, you won`t have to wait for your patient to send his payment or call him. You won`t forget it and you could just get a receipt and account snippet credited after each email payment. Flagging Overdue Dental Accounts At 30 Days Flagging Dental In Arrears […] A dental finance agreement is a powerful tool for the dental practice. This document allows the dental office to say “YES”! “Yes, we have payment options and yes, we can make financial arrangements!” Use this agreement as a tool to help the dental office team discuss dental care and costs.

Go ahead and download my model below! Even patients with the best intentions run into surprising events and expenses. If the patient has completed the treatment and agreed on 2 monthly payments after treatment, then his car collapses or he loses his job, guess who will be last on the payment list? The dentist! “Good morning, Mrs. Jones. I have a copy of the treatment that Dr. Brown just prescribed. It indicated in your diagram that you need 2 crowns at the top left. I have checked your insurance services and would like to check the total cost of the two krona, your insurance coverage and the payment options we can offer you. If dental treatment requires more than one appointment, you should consider halving payments.

Ask for half of the total amount due to the first date and the end of the second half. Then you want to include the date of the agreement. Follow this with your patient`s name and date of birth. There will always be money in debit reports. Options for financing advances will help ease this burden on the Agency. It takes a long time to hunt money once the treatment is complete. The best payment option is full payment at the time of service.


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