As a NOVA graduate, you get admission to more than 40 colleges and universities if you meet the agreement requirements between NOVA and that university. Save thousands of student fees starting with NOVA. Let`s help them follow the right path to a successful career! If you are offered a GAA entry, you are sure to change to junior and receive at least 60 transfer credits. They were also given up on the requirements of general education at a lower level at Mason. All new GAA transfers receive a priority transfer credit assessment If I attended another university or university other than my GAA Community College? If you went to college or university before joining your Virginia Community College, the Admissions Committee checks your academic records for a period of five years before applying to Mason. Your cumulative average at the non-GAA institution must be 2.85 points or more to match the 2.85 points required in your Community College. If you changed institutions after leaving your gaa Community College, you are not eligible for a GAA certification. We will be happy to take you into account during a regular transfer. Yes, yes. You are not eligible for GAA accreditation if you have been suspended or licensed from a higher education institution or university.

Mason will review these requests for periodic transfer authorization on a case-by-case basis. NOTE: The university welcomes the academic actions of other institutions and does not welcome students who are actively suspended or licensed. Are you interested in a four-year university or university? Virginia colleges have guaranteed admissions agreements with more than 35 four-year public colleges and universities in Virginia. John Tyler Community College also has specific program agreements. See the full list below: In keeping with its institutional mission as a highly selective public university, the College of William and Mary (W-M) concludes this Guaranteed Admission Agreement (GAA) with the colleges of the Virginia Community College System (VCCS) to achieve the goal of improving access for community students. This agreement replaces all existing guaranteed authorization agreements between W-M and VCCS. Applicants who meet all the conditions of the guaranteed admission contract and who choose this option on the transfer application are considered for admission as GAA approval. All other transfer applicants are considered for regular transfer approval.

If you do not meet the GAA`s certification requirements, do not apply for GAA approval for your transfer application. Students in VCCS institutions will be guaranteed to be admitted as a B-M under this GAA if they meet all the following conditions: What is the difference between “normal transfer authorization” and “GAA accreditation”? The JMU has guaranteed admission agreements with all colleges in the Virginia Community and Richard Bland College. The objective of these agreements is to facilitate the transfer process to the JMU and to encourage close coordination of the courses, programs and university degrees offered by Virginia Community College and JMU. The purpose of the transfer agreement is to ensure the reception of Germanna graduates with an associate of the arts and engineering sciences and, in some cases, a partner in Applied Science Degree, who have acquired a GPA under the GPA established by the transfer school. Most higher education institutions expect students to have met the requirements of the lower department, and students will enter with junior level status. Access to a specific academic program is only guaranteed if this is not specified.


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