Master Thesis : The Research and rehabilitation of cultural heritage in the village of Letnica

Letnica is a unique village with a 700-hundred-year history of existence known for the church “Zonja e Bekuar” which serves as a place for local catholic community to perform pilgrimage, and is also known for other places and localities of natural and construction heritage. Letnica was once populated with Croatian population which started to emigrate to Croatia since 1992 because of the war in ex-Yugoslavia. After 1999 only the older generation of the catholic population and emigrants from Macedonia continued to live in the village. When we talk about today’s Letnica we see that this area has an inadequate technical infrastructure and lacks leadership on economic development and cultural tourism.
The rehabilitation of this zone is the result of this research paper which is important in preserving and presenting the authentic architecture of Kosovo, and also is important for the cultural diversity which sets apart the Croatian community as an important cultural area and also as a potential tourist attraction point. A study like this that offers a functional solution based upon the principles of urban rehabilitation while respecting and promoting architectural, religious and nature values of the village is more than necessary in order to maintain the diversity of Kosovo’s cultural heritage and at the same time makes a step forward for the Croatian community in strengthening the feelings of being part of Kosovo.